The Cagliari House of Culture

DomOSC is the new Cagliari House of Culture, an innovative socialization space focused on promoting the traditional local music and oral poetry through the use of new technologies.

The new Cagliari House of Culture

It organizes different activities and events to promote the local cultural and traditional heritage and for a tourism development connecting different territories. DomOSC is also a meeting point in Cagliari for people from different territorial, artistic and social environments.

  • Music and oral poetry productions with the use of new technologies
  • Tourist events
  • Traditional and folklore festivals
  • Cultural specific events
  • Presentation and tasting of local typical products
  • Talks and conferences
  • Meetings with the local musicians and experts of Sardinian music

5 important traditional cultural events


To be part of the territory through its typical products and cultural activities.

The Launeddas

It is considered the most representative instrument of the island’s musical culture.

The Campidanese Poetry

Traditional improvised oral poetry is widespread throughout Sardinia. In a similar way to how it happens in other parts of the world, on special public occasions, improvised poets (often semi- professionals) perform in extemporary poetry contests.

The Domos de sa Cultura of Sardinia

CAGLIARI DomOSC presents the other Domos de sa Cultura of Sardinia (House of Culture). All the Domos de Sa Cultura, presents different cultural programs giving particular attention to their own specific territorial characteristics
and the several musical and poetical fields within our tradition.

È un progetto della Soc. Coop. L’aquilone di Viviana (capofila), della Soc. VideoGum e di Mega Soc.Coop.

Bando “Domos de sa cultura "Sostegno finanziario alle imprese operanti nel settore culturale e creativo per progetti mirati alla valorizzazione degli elementi ed espressioni del patrimonio culturale immateriale della Sardegna" - POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020 - Azione 3.3.2