Performance of sardinian music and new technologies


Tumbu it is an innovative project that has deep roots.

It had its first performances the 19th and the 20th of December 2019 at Domosc House of Culture.
A lively immersion in the richness of traditional musical heritage, which becomes a poetic vision through the use of new technologies for the scene.
The traditional musical repertoire is performed on stage by Orlando Mascia and Eliseo Mascia, father and son, multi-instrumentalists from a sardinian village called Maracalagonis. They are explored within a digital frame that gives us a beautiful gaze, powerful like the music we are listening. A musical vision that projects the past into the future.

The show is created using the latest new technologies, the Hologauze film, which allows the co-presence of virtual elements with real elements, in a modern “pepper ghost” effect.

Identity is the future!

Written and directed by: Ilaria Nina Zedda.

Technological direction: Marco Quondamatteo

The musicians: Orlando Mascia ed Eliseo Mascia.

On stage: Monica Serra e Marisa Cau.

With the support of the digital creative team
Assistant director: Claudia Pupillo
Live Visual: Simone Murtas
Sound technician: Elvio Corona.

Scientific consultant: the ethnomusicologist Marco Lutzu.
Production: DOMOSC-Domos de Sa Cultura.

Show of extemporaneous poetry and new technologies


The Sardinian language, the sardinian traditional improvised poetry, and the new digital technologies.
A new and innovative way to making poetry and theater in the year 2020.
“Sa cantada” is a complex tradition of extemporaneous poetry in the Campidanese language. It is staged by young poets through an original and digital narration, which brings the audience closer to the highest and most refined expression of Sardinian culture, an ancient knowledge steeped in history, moral values, irony and rhetorical skills.
Improvising in verse is a complex and fascinating art that today is disappearing. Accompanied by the guitar, the poets dialogue with each other intoning “mutetus”, typical Sardinian traditional metric forms and with different themes and through a complex system of similarities, metaphors, analogies.
With this show, the audience can rediscover “sa cantada”, they can meet young Sardinian poets, digital natives, on stage with the new technologies.

It had its first performances the 25th and the 26th of January 2020 at Domosc House of Culture.

On stage the extemporaneous poets:
Simone Monni (Burcei)
Luca Panna (Quartu S. Elena)
Guitar: Mario Aledda (Burcei)

Direction and dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda
New technologies and lights Director: Marco Quondamatteo

Digital creative team: Claudia Pupillo, Simone Murtas.

Sound technician: Elvio Corona

Scientific support by the ethnomusicologist Marco Lutzu.
Production: DOMOSC-Domos de Sa Cultura.